your next line is!!

nyx, 24 | nb, bi | autistic af

didn't realize i have to supply my own caejose demand.......too bad i have 0 talent lmaooooo

i think joseph just asked caeser to marry him

ncwyorksjojo -



★ joseph said if you're a nazi, come catch these hands!! ★

i posted this on tumblr & wanted to post it here too

so was i supposed to know alex from IHE was mad cute, or was i supposed to find out on a jar media video?????

incendiak -

Hey guys, I just want to say happy Pride to anyone who can't celebrate this month for whatever reason. Know that when we're celebrating you're part of that no matter what

its honestly nice & refreshing to have a fresh start on this website, but its akin to a lone man singing in an empty auditorium with the occasional clap of the resident ghost acknowledging their presence

im a simple man...... i see polnareff, and serotonin produces......

The first Keroro related post on this website needs to be a shitpost

dio: oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away. You're coming, right at me? Even though your grandfather, Joseph, told you the secret of the world, like an exam student scrambling to finish the problems on an exam until the last moments before the chime?